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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

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• Data: 4G/LTE
• Connectivity: WiFi, NFC, GPS, A-GPS, Bluetooth, GLONASS, USB
• Display Type: Super-AMOLED
• Screen size: 5.7 inches
• System OS: Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop)
• Internal Memory: 64 GB
• Ram: 4 GB
• Camera (rear): 16 MP
• Camera (front): 5 MP

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The first Galaxy S6 Edge was uncovered to the world back in March, and you may imagine that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus doesn’t get anything new terms of outline and wrap up. Be that as it may, while it’s not boundlessly not the same as its littler kin, with regards to expansive screen cell phones, the 6 Edge Plus’ bended screen is totally new.

The 5.7-inch screen wraps around both sides of the gadget, keeping in mind those bends make the telephone somewhat odd to hold, the impression of the gadget all in all is astoundingly little. The glass on the back looks great, yet is a colossal magnet for fingerprints.

Like the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge Plus has an aluminium outline and the same thin edges where the bend of the screen meets the edge. In spite of these thin edges, the S6 Edge Plus still figures out how to put the power and volume catches in their typical areas.

To call the S6 Edge+ a “major” telephone isn’t completely reasonable: it may quantify 5.7 inches, yet it’s entirely somewhat greater than the Xperia Z2, which has a 5.2-inch screen. The power catch on the right-hand side can be achieved effortlessly enough with your thumb, however the volume catches are put so high up on the left-hand side that they’re hard to reach without an ungainly hand rearrange.

On the top edge of the frame is a pinhole receiver and a plate for the nano-SIM card. But at the same time there’s one glaring exclusion: the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus does not have an infrared sensor, regardless of there being one on the littler S6 Edge.

The base edge of the S6 Edge Plus has a USB 2.0 port with an earphone port and a solitary speaker flame broil. The hawk looked at among you will detect another change here: on the general S6 Edge, the other pinhole mic lived between the USB port and speaker flame broil, however on the S6 Edge Plus it is found between the USB port and earphone jack. We can’t state we saw any change to sound quality, yet we expect Samsung had a justifiable reason explanation behind moving it.

The S6 Edge Plus measures 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm, contrasted with the first S6 Edge which is 142.1 x 70.1 x 7mm. It weighs 153 g, 16 percent more than the littler form.

On the front, the S6 Edge Plus components Gorilla Glass 4, which is, as indicated by Samsung, 50 percent more grounded than the past incarnation. The glass board on the back is likewise Gorilla Glass 4 and, contingent upon which shading you pick, will gather fingerprints like they’re leaving style. White is the better shading – gold and darker hues require consistent cleaning.


The 16 MP camera on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus juts from the back board, so it is probably going to hint at wear and tear after some time on the off chance that you generally put the telephone confront up. Luckily the glass covering the camera is likewise the sturdy Gorilla Glass 4, yet the metal trim around the camera focal point will get a bit scratched up after some time. The telephone additionally wobbles when put on its back on a level surface, on the grounds that the projecting focal point is amidst the telephone.

Obviously, on the off chance that we worked at Samsung, we would have built the telephone out so that the focal point didn’t project, and filled that additional space with more battery – yet that is just us.

Beside the camera focal point, there’s a LED blaze and sensor for checking your heart rate, which additionally serves as a screen catch for bringing photographs with the front-confronting camera.

The front the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has an indistinguishable development from the S6 Edge: at the top we have a vicinity sensor and notice LED, the speaker for calls and a 5 MP camera. The joined physical home catch and unique mark scanner makes an arrival, as does Samsung’s normal switcher of capacitive catch arrangements: multi-entrusting on the left and back on the privilege, the inverse of stock Android.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus looks extraordinary and has remarkable form quality, yet all that glass, those dangerous materials and thin edges mean the shot of you requiring a case is truly high. We have seen the Edge show hold up great in drop tests, yet unless you jump at the chance to live perilously, will conceal half of those stunning bends with no less than a guard case, which is disgrace.


The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus screen measures 5.7 crawls with a QHD show meaning of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, bringing about a pixel thickness of 518 pixels for each inch. Of course, Samsung has settled on a Super AMOLED board, which means you’ll get splendid, immersed hues and profound blacks to the detriment of outside perceivability. The other upshot of AMOLED is that it is better for your battery, in light of the fact that exclusive the shaded pixels are lit up.

The best component of the Galaxy S6 Edge in addition to is the bended screen. There’s bounty to be said in regards to the product includes that exploit this bended show, yet the other incredible advantage is the immersive survey that is made conceivable by a screen that actually moves off the sides of the telephone. You will get some reflection at the point where the screen bends however.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus’ screen has incredible shading representation, adjusted shine and super sharp picture quality on account of the 2K show determination. With a pixel thickness over 500 ppi it is essentially difficult to recognise singular pixels on-screen with the bare eye. Some will state this is a pointless abundance, however others will love the ideal detail.

As we saw with the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Edge Plus an assortment of various screen modes, including versatile show and film mode. As indicated by Samsung, the shading temperature of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus show is 6,700 Kelvins, nearly the perfect reference indicate for genuine life hues (6,500 Kelvins). These readings originate from the less immersed screen modes.

Despite the fact that AMOLED showcases are not as brilliant in light as LCD screens, the 501 nit shine of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus makes a praiseworthy showing with regards to of open air perceivability. The review edges of the AMOLED show are likewise okay, which is a reward for a telephone that should be seen from the side significantly more than expected.

Unique elements

  1. Edge screen

The greatest offering purpose of any Edge gadget is the product highlights that run as one with the eye-getting screen. There are a couple Edge screen works, some of which you’d know from the littler adaptation and some that are new. For instance, you can now utilise the edge of the screen particularly to show most loved applications, with a component called Apps Edge, or to make a most loved contacts’ rundown, utilising People Edge. Individuals Edge appeared on the S6 Edge, yet Apps Edge is all-new.

Individuals Edge gives you a chance to hide away to five contacts on the edge of the screen, which you can swipe out to call, message, email, or send photographs or emoji. These contacts are shading coded so you generally know who you’ve missed a call or warning from.

On the off chance that your telephone is lying face down, it will likewise show a shading coded light to let you know who is calling. In case you’re occupied, you can dismiss the call and send a pre-customised message basically by touching the heart-rate sensor on the back of the telephone.

Other Edge screen highlights incorporate Night Clock, for a battery-accommodating clock readout in favour of your screen, Information Stream, to stay up with the latest with the most recent features, stock costs and Twitter sustains, or battery and climate subtle elements, as you incline toward.

     2. Unique finger impression peruser

The unique finger impression scanner on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is indistinguishable to the one found on the littler variant of the telephone. That implies it is precise, responsive and simple to set up. A special reward for the S6 Edge Plus is that Samsung Pay is presently accessible – at any rate in a beta adaptation – so unique mark scanner secured portable instalments are additionally a reality. All things considered, kind of. The take off of Samsung Pay hasn’t been very as smooth as Samsung would have trusted, however in any event the equipment is set up.



The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Samsung’s refined TouchWiz UI on top. The interface is much the same as the one found on the Galaxy S6 Edge and luckily there’s less bloatware on the S6 Edge Plus than on past Galaxy gadgets. You may even utilise a portion of the Microsoft bloat, for example, Skype, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and OneNote.

In the application drawer you’ll see that Samsung has diminished the quantity of its own applications, however despite everything you’ll get S Voice, S Health and the Galaxy Apps Store, alongside WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and the typical Google applications. While despite everything we’re not devotees of having pre-stacked, non-removable applications on our gadgets, you can at any rate handicap and conceal the greater part of the applications on the S6 Edge Plus.

Similarly as Google made Android Lollipop compliment and brighter than KitKat, so Samsung made TouchWiz compliment and more brilliant than it was before as well. It is additionally significant that Samsung’s custom skin has been revamped from the beginning to work better with Android Lollipop and be as quick and responsive as could reasonably be expected. It is unquestionably faster, lighter and more instinctive, and the sprinkles of shading, particular to every application, are much more pleasant than all that dull blue.

Another extraordinary advantage of a huge screened telephone is that it is so natural to utilise multi-window mode. Samsung has an awesome history of consolidating multi-window applications, and the product on the S6 Edge Plus handles the undertaking extremely well. There’s something truly incredible about viewing a video while composing an email or sending a content. Multi-window applications demonstrate a little symbol in the Recent Apps list/multitasking outline.

      4. Battery

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery comes in at 3,000 mAh, 450 mAh more than the S6 Edge. I found that battery execution on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was really better than both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. I frequently endured a 24-hour day of truly normal utilise propensities with battery to save.

In case you’re truly pounding the S6 Edge Plus battery you can at present depend on around 10 hours of battery life, with 70 percent of battery empty leaving the screen. Dropping that screen shine or

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Black, Gold, Silver


32GB, 64GB

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