Canon EOS 5DS

8,499.00 AED

• New 50.6 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS sensor
• New Fine Detail mode in Picture Style
• 61-point High Density Reticular AF
• Advanced Mirror control mechanism and shutter release time lag
• 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting
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Canon is a leading brand which is famous for its digital camera productions. It provides you versatile products each product is best for some specific purpose. Here you are required to just choose only one product which is able to fulfill your work requirements. Canon EOS 5DS is an excellent single lens reflex DSLR camera which is best for your routine photo-shoots.

It has superb quality results. It is easy to carry and easy to use everywhere. It gives you high resolution lenses. The latest edition of canon camera series has high resolution photography and offers 50.6 megapixel quality photos.

It has low pass filter effect that results in the high resolution snaps. If you capture a moment then Canon EOS 5DS helps you to get sharp and detailed image of that moment. It minimizes the color relics for you to maintain the quality which you like.

Perfect match for your non industrial or non-commercial activities with Low power filter in disabled mode to get sharp edges of unique shots.

CMOS Sensor and Dual DIGIC image processor is the attractive part of this digital product.

Insolent and Decent design HD canon camera is available for you at Multiminds with best customer services. Full featured CMOS sensor is the big achievement in the antiquity of EOS that provides you 5813 by 8712 active pixels. It maps your precious shots with the real objects in the world and you feel realism.

Best Choice for Small Scale Use when you need to print large photos and other printing material because it provides its best ever results to you.

Fine Detail Mode and Anti Flicker compensation to ensure the smoother texture and sharp edges with more bright photographs with real contrast settings. And 3.2” clear view with liquid crystal display monitor screen to give you a fascinating interface with your camera.

HD Resolution RGB and Infra-Red metering sensor assists you to capture a perfect scene while taking snaps because it has an intelligent feature of recognizing the objects and scenes. You did not require to take special care of converging while catching images. And this feature has created a lot of user satisfaction and attractiveness.

HD Resolution AF provides sixty one point intelligent tracking of exactly focused scene with 150000 pixels high quality snap which is an amazing aspect of canon EOS 5DS.

Wi-Fi Compatibility Adapters Support is a modern adorable feature in EOS 5DS which allows you to share the captured high definition shots and MP4 videos with your laptops and any smart phone. It uses latest WFT-E7 version 2 of wireless transfer protocol.

USB 3.0 Terminal Transfer provides a speedy transactions of media files with your other devices.

Quick Control Access button is also available in this model to access your all critical settings and controls by one click. You can customize these settings too.

Quick HD shots has been never an easy task for you which is now very easy and efficient with 1080 pixel at 30fps in your new canon.

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