Smart watches

Who knew that one day we will be able to wear computers on our wrists? A few maybe. But now, this statement is no longer a wishful thinking. Smart watches are actually tiny computers which are mount on wrist bands. These wrist bands are wearable and provide a good deal of portability. You can now carry a computed on your arm wherever you go. Smart watche have an electronic visual display. The screen is responsive to touch signals. An LED or an LCD is used as screen. Some smartwatches even contain holograms. The battery used in smart watches is rechargeable and replaceable.


Smart watches provide a number of services. Initially, they only contained a calculator, an organizer and a time display. But now, they have progressed to operating a number of smartphone apps. These apps can be run using smart watches at any place. Some smart-watches also have a caller system. In such watches, the user can make and receive calls. In addition to these basic services, there are several more. GPS monitor, heart rate monitor, speedometer, barometer etc attached are attached on the base of dial. In this way, smart-watches help you in keeping your track of daily tasks.

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