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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

3,099.00 AED3,499.00 AED
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

3,499.00 AED3,899.00 AED
Samsung A7

Samsung A7 2017 – Blue

1,099.00 AED
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

2,499.00 AED2,699.00 AED
samsung galaxy s8 plus

Samsung Galaxy S8+

2,299.00 AED
samsung s8 price in dubai

Samsung Galaxy S8

2,199.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S6

s7 edge price in dubai

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

1,699.00 AED2,249.00 AED

Samsung Galaxy Young 2

235.00 AED

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus

265.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S5

1,150.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

685.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos

954.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo i9300

620.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo 9301

565.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8200

410.00 AED

Samsung Mobiles

Samsung is probably one of the biggest organization in the world. It won’t be wrong calling it as a giant of the electronics industry. Over the years it has expanded its horizon by producing various products progressively. Home Appliances & Smart Gadgets which include Samsung Mobiles and others are its two main domains. In addition, the way the organization is moving, it won’t be wrong to speculate that it may enter more industries as well.

Over the past decade, a trend of Smartphones and Gadgets could be seen in the Market. So how we can expect a company like Samsung to step behind while it was already a member of Mobile market? So Samsung also launched its Smartphones while Android being its official OS. Now, we can see that Samsung mobiles has become so popular and made Samsung the No 1 smartphone brand.

Samsung – Why No 1

When Apple launched its First iPhone in 2007, after a little while Samsung also launched its Smartphone as well. Samsung mobiles took a little while to gain a market share but the concept of large screen mobiles laid the foundation to become No 1. Furthermore, the “Note Series” by the company, is now the favorite choice for the people who want large screens. Not only that, Samsung also has its flagship series with the name of “S-series” which have 8 models till now and each of them came with constant innovation and improvement. Besides, Samsung has launched its various other series to capture different market segments. Especially who want to buy a moderate smartphone within their range with the brand name and quality of Samsung. No doubt, the strategy to capture different market segments, made Samsung the No 1 smartphone brand.