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OnePlus 5T Price

OnePlus 5T

1,930.00 AED2,199.00 AED
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OnePlus 5

1,745.00 AED
OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3

1,599.00 AED
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OnePlus 2

999.00 AED
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OnePlus One

Oneplus Mobiles

One plus is one of the newest members which joined the smartphone industry. Before 2013, when the company emerged it was merged with Oppo and Vivo but now, they are serving as an individual entity. One plus is relatively an economical brand just like every other China-based smartphone brand. Powerful processor, Smooth mobile running, good camera quality, Beautiful designs, up to date android system are the features which define every Oneplus mobiles.

OnePlus – Ready to Go

One plus is a relatively new member of the market, so it opted the same strategy which a normal newcomer does. It started to sell at economical prices and expected to target almost every consumer group in the future. The main competitor of Oneplus mobiles is Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola and few others.
One key feature with which this company came and attracted a good market is its fast charging ability. Few of the latest Oneplus smartphones are capable to charge in just 30 minutes. This indeed one of the unique selling point of this company which compelled its competitors and industrial giants to launch this feature as well. Large screen and HD display, amazing front cameras, metallic bodies and lightning fast sensors are few features of latest smartphones of the Oneplus mobile division.