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nokia 3310 uae

New Nokia 3310

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Nokia 222

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nokia 215 price in uae

Nokia 215

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Nokia 105

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nokia 230 price in uae

Nokia 230

249.00 AED

Nokia Mobiles

Nokia, the name which almost everyone on this planet knows. It won’t be wrong to say that Nokia was the market leader all over the world before smartphones. One mistake which the company heads made that when every other company was moving towards Android, Nokia Mobiles went otherwise. It opted Windows as its OS. Android became the obvious choice of the people and Nokia had to face the disaster from which it is still recovering. On the other hand, now we can find that Nokia is also providing few good smartphones in the market.


It won’t be wrong to say that Nokia has produced hard and strong mobile phones. They are not delicate like few of the giants of Industry. They can sustain a hit of good force and still can perform without any trouble. The camera quality of Nokia mobiles are not as amazing as of Samsung and other mobiles, but still quite reasonable. The reason is that Nokia is providing very economical smartphones. These smartphones are coming with latest android versions, with good processing speed and good RAM. Besides, they offer the main feature of every Nokia mobile since the beginning, and that’s durability and sustainability.