Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the biggest revolutions of 20th century. With these portable devices, the world of communication has advanced to great height. Mobile-phones employ the principle of electro-mechanical conversions. When you speak in a mobile phone, the voice signals are converted to electric signals. These electric signals travel through transmission lines up to the receiver phone. Here, the electric signals are further converted into voice signals and amplified if needed. The reception and transfer of mobile data is done within specific and limited areas. These areas contain one communication tower and it is known as a “cell”. Due to this reason, mobile phones are also termed as cell phones.

Impact on Humans

The introduction of mobile phone in human life has eliminated the need for dependence. With these portable devices, there is no longer any communication restrictions. Gone are the days when one needed animals for the conveyance of important news. Now, all someone has to do is a press a couple of buttons and it is done. Mobile phones have incorporated a number of new features in current era. In this way, mobile phones have not only simplified communication but also provide a number of useful services.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

1,629.00 AED
Sold out

iPhone 6s

1,649.00 AED2,249.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

1,650.00 AED1,790.00 AED

iPhone 6 Plus

1,499.00 AED2,149.00 AED
Sold out

iPod Touch 5th Generation

990.00 AED1,190.00 AED

iPhone SE

1,199.00 AED1,549.00 AED
Sold out

iPhone 6s Plus

1,749.00 AED2,399.00 AED

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

1,545.00 AED1,699.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

1,450.00 AED1,495.00 AED

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

1,575.00 AED1,799.00 AED

iPhone 6

1,299.00 AED1,899.00 AED
Sold out

Apple iPhone 5s

849.00 AED
Sold out

Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation

875.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

899.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

975.00 AED
Sold out

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015)

599.00 AED