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Sony A7R 2

7,850.00 AED

Sony a6500 Alpha

4,800.00 AED

Sony a9 Alpha

14,200.00 AED

Sony Alpha a6000

2,199.00 AED
Sony a6300 Alpha

Sony a6300 Alpha 16-50mm KIT

3,350.00 AED
Sony a6300 Alpha

Sony a6300 Alpha

2,850.00 AED
Sony Alpha a7S II

Sony Alpha a7S II

8,100.00 AED

Sony Cameras

Sony is a multinational conglomerate organization whose headquarter is located in Konan, Minato, Tokyo. Founded on 7th May 1946, this company is famous for manufacturing entertainment, gaming, financial and electronic services. It is one of the most popular company for producing consumer and professional products. In the Fortune Global list of 2017, They got 105th rank. onī Kabushiki Kaisha is the Japanese name of Sony.

According to 2016 market, Sony is the fifth largest television manufacturer after LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Hisense, and TCL.

How Sony started?

They started at the beginning of Second World War. The initial capital was around 190,000 euros and 8 employees. It was started as a small electronics shop in a building located in Tokyo. The company was formally called as Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. Later in 1958, the named was changed to “Sony”. They built the first tape recorder which they called Type-G.

Products and services:

It has developed a dog-shaped robot called AIBO, music playing robot Rolly and a human-like robot called QRIO. They offers a lot of products and services to its customers. Some of the products are PlayStation, televisions, electronics, mobile phones, VCR and more. So they have a huge range of applications in finance also.