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GoPro HERO 5 Session

1,050.00 AED

GoPro Hero 5

1,300.00 AED


An American company, GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. GoPro Inc. is a technological company marketed as GoPro Cameras. This company isn’t very old but still, it has earned a lot of name and revenue.

What inspired the founder to establish this company?

In 2002, Nick Woodman went on a surfing trip. He wanted to capture action photos but he couldn’t because amateurs were not ready to do so or purchase quality equipment. GoPro came into being by his desire to design a camera system that can capture quality action photos from professional angles. Nick sold bread and shell belts to raise initial capital and his parents also gave him a lot of money to invest in this business.

The first GoPro Camera system was sold in 2004 having 35 mm film. Later video cameras and digital stills were introduced. As of 2014, HD cameras with 170-degree wide angle were available that can take a 360 video when paired with another camera.

Applications and products:

GoPro manufactures action cameras and designs their own video-editing software and mobile applications. Its product lines include HERO cameras, GoPro KARMA and GoPro KARMA GRIP drones, accessories and video editing etc. GoPro KARMA is a drone released in October 2016 and later discontinued in January 2018.