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iPhone 7 in UAE – Now with faster & better performance

iphone 7 in UAE

iPhone 7 was launched in September 2016. Unlike the mega changes in its iPhone 4 and 6, this phone’s latest release has not seen any significant changes. This shows an emerging pattern where the odd numbered iPhones come with incremental changes only while the even numbered iPhones are revamped notably. iPhone 7 in UAE was released on September 16, 2016

The pricing strategy of iPhone 7 is the same as iPhone 6S, however, iPhone 7 comes with four storage options which range from 32 GB to 64 GB and from 128 GB to 256 GB. The availability of a 256 GB storage option occurred for the first time in the history of mobile phones.

iPhone 7 in UAE


The two significant changes in iPhone 7’s design are that it can survive a plunge in a swimming pool and the iPhone 7 comes without a headphone jack. The boldest move was removing the headphone jack which garnered mixed reviews by different individuals and groups. Although, it was dubbed as a courageous move by some people during its launch, it still ended up being in memes over social media network but this move could potentially overhaul the headphone industry.

This change impacted users differently. For some users this change did not have any major effect because they were using EarPods which came with a Lightning connector in the iPhone box. It is an inconvenient change for some users because they will have to connect a dongle to the 3.5mm jack just to plug in the Lightning port.

This has become a severe limitation for users who wish to buy headphones for their iPhone 7 in UAE as they regularly listen to music or watch movies on their phones which is typical these days. A regular 3.5 mm headphone can be bought but then it will have to be connected through the adapter. In case of wanting something with direct compatibility, the users will either get devices supporting Bluetooth or Lightning port; and these come in limited variety as they are not very common.

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Airpods have been developed with the basis of standards of wireless technology. This IS NOT required to be bought with the new iPhone 7 in UAE. Many users believed that these AirPods should be bought along with their iPhone 7 but this is not required as mentioned earlier. AirPods will be launched in 2017 (AirPods are expected to be launched this year) and will be astoundingly expensive but its design will mostly remain same with single elimination of the wire from the EarPods. Although, features like activating Siri just by tapping one pod and stopping the sound just by removing a Pod is pretty cool but it still isn’t worth its hefty price.


Furthermore, using them will not look fashionable either and top this fact with the expected flaw of this product that it may repeatedly fall out of ears is not worth the price. On the bright side, these AirPods come with a cool magnetic case for travelling purposes. These AirPods may reflect the future additional accessories by Apple but in near future they don’t seem to become a must have accessory for the iPhone 7.


When other changes are considered then iPhone 7 is a rather spectacular phone and for our customers we have stocked the iPhone 7 in UAE. The feature of waterproofing shows that the phone is slightly thicker because the waterproofing seal consumes space on the surface of the device.

The iPhone 7 comes with dual speakers, one for the earpods and the other is at the bottom of the phone which creates stereo sounds. MultiMinds Electronics is an e-store and due to these new splendid features of iPhone 7, we have stocked this smartphone just for you. It is available online from

This was the first time that iPhone released a waterproof phone but it still was not exciting mainly because this feature was released by other phone makers. Competitors like Samsung and Sony released Galaxy S7 and Xperia respectively; both these phones were waterproof and also came with magnificent designs. Therefore, it was important for Apple to release iPhone 7 in UAE with this waterproofing feature.

The home button of iPhone 7 is completely different when compared with all other iPhones. This is because unlike the previous clickable button, it has now become a point which is sunk slightly and responds to the users touch. In the beginning, it seemed like getting used to this would be difficult because all iPhone users depended on the home button but later it became a natural move.


Another new feature in iPhone 7 is that it is released with two new fancy colors which are black and jet black. The black is in matte finish and the jet black is just spectacular but requires high maintenance as the surface attracts a lot of fingerprints and gets scratched quite easily. So it is good if a separate case is bought just to avoid all those scratches but then it eliminates the charm of the original color. The dark version has a black shiny iPhone logo and the iPhone 7 in UAE can be purchased from us with original Apple warranty.

Other than this, the design of iPhone 7 is mostly like iPhone 6S with the exceptional camera lens and two speakers out of which only one grille fires sound. Due to these reasons, users of previous versions of iPhone are familiar with iPhone 7. The phone overall looks well and is built strongly with the silencer switch evident just like it was in the previous versions of iPhone.


The resolution display of 4.7 inch 1334 x 750 has not changed at all and when compared with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge then it lacks sharpness. However, the difference is not noticeable for regular users as iPhone 7 still offers reasonable amount of pixels by producing a clean and clear screen for browsing internet and watching movies

Just like iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 in UAE comes with 3D Touch. The 3D Touch feature helps in detecting the amount of pressure exerted on the screen by the user. Although, the makers of the phone had promised many uses of this feature but on fair grounds, it does not meets the expectations of users when most thought that many apps would make use of it.

Different users will have different experiences and opinion regarding iPhone 7’s screen and this depends on which phone they were using previously. If they used iPhone then they would love the display because of its improved brightness and additional colors but users who previously had a smartphone like LG G4 would be disappointed as they would not appreciate the lower resolution of the screen which is a drawback of this phone.

Apple’s stance in market regarding the smartphone’s screen is that features like sharpness and brightness are not supremely important; what matters most is how the phone and its display looks in the hands of its users. Therefore, iPhone 7 is a smartphone which reflects Apple’s strategy of moving forward with a definite high quality of the colors in the display. It may not be sharp like other competitors but in terms of providing a deep rich experience to its users, it definitely stands out in market. This is further elaborated by the fact that the brightness of the screen is not overpowering; it has only been improved and upgraded to an extent that it is user friendly as looking at it with its full brightness is easy. The display’s white balance is converted into a warm tone which is similar to iPad 9.7.



On the down side, Apple needs to adjust the auto brightness of the screen. This is because the current feature usually blinds its users in darkness unlike other smartphones in market which are quick in adjusting the brightness of the screen accordingly.

The reason behind using reasonable amount of pixels for the brightness in iPhone 7 is that if Apple had added more pixels then it would have drained the battery quickly. To some extent this claim is right but on the other side Apple should look for methods of increasing battery’s life especially because different competitors offer better screen resolution without the issue of quick battery drainage. Therefore, Apple needs to work on this issue as watching movies on iPhone 7 do not offer any special experience. Unlike other smartphones, iPhone 7’s display is not as sharp and crisp; and the size of the phone is also small.

Still some users are attracted to the size of the screen and this may be the reason behind the acceptability of phones size. However, the current digital era of smartphones is all about producing phones which accommodate a large display which pushes over the edges of the phone like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Another major feature added in iPhone 7 is the dual speakers. They are located on the top and bottom of the phone. They may seem weird at first because they fire sound in different directions but they provide a much refined sound quality when compared with previous Apple smartphones.

The sound quality of the iPhone 7 is not as impressive as iPad Pro. However, this is because iPad Pro comes with four speakers and extra chambers. The audio is great for watching a YouTube video or a movie in a quiet room but it is not enough for listening to music as it requires more bass.


Now coming towards the best incremental feature on iPhone 7, Camera+ is among best photo apps for iOS and supports the editing of RAW photos. For existing users, this update is free and is considered remarkable for this app.

The addition of RAW support is mostly appreciated by professional photographers as they use RAW format. This feature enables them to exercise control over colors, their balance and brightness. It means that better results are achieved after editing photos when compared with images simply processed by the smartphones built-in image sensor.

Camera+ now supports RAW format in iPhone 7. However, when RAW shooting is enabled then the photos consume more space. An editor in the app known as ‘The Lab’ supports the task of editing RAW photos.

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